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21st September 2018

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Important Announcement - Christmas Closure
Closing: 12:00 Noon Friday 22nd December 2017
Re-open: 7:00am Monday 8th January 2018
CLOSED: SAT 23rd DEC through to MON 8th JAN

Inground and OnConcrete/Bolt Down Style Stair Stringers (175mm Rise x 250mm Going), in both Fully Hot Dip Galvanised and Duragal-Plus Pre-Galv finish are kept IN-STOCK for priority dispatch Australia wide or collect at our Brisbane Depot. The Landing to Landing and
Side Fix Top Stringers are normally made to order, however small quantities are also In-Stock.
A range of Aluminium and Timber Treads are also available.

Scroll down page for Design, Drawings, Images, Engineering and info.

All Prices Updated on 18th Sep 2018 & INCLUDE GST
Door to door Delivery Australia Wide available.
Stringers sold as a pair, but also available individually for 1/2 pair price.
$ Per Pair
Duragal +
$ Per Pair
Per Pair
1 $101.00 $127.00 350 10 250 2
2 $107.00 $139.00 525 15 500 3
3 $119.50 $150.50 700 20 750 4
4 $151.00 $181.00 875 25 1000 5
5 $184.50 $220.50 1050 30 1250 6
6 $219.00 $267.00 1225 35 1500 7
7 $258.00 $311.00 1400 40 1750 8
8 $290.50 $354.50 1575 45 2000 9
9 $328.00 $397.00 1750 50 2250 10
10 $360.50 $433.50 1925 55 2500 11
11 $404.00 $483.00 2100 60 2750 12
12 $437.00 $527.00 2275 65 3000 13
13 $469.50 $569.50 2450 70 3250 14
14 $508.00 $613.00 2625 75 3500 15
15 $541.00 $652.00 2800 80 3750 16
16 N/A $742.50 2975 125 4000 17
17 N/A $786.00 3150 135 4250 18
Prices are for Standard Inground Style (175mm Rise x 250mm Going) Stringers
For Onconcrete/Bolt Down add $16.00 Per Pair for a Bolt-on Stair Kit
For Landing to Landing Stringers add $20.00 Per Pair
For Alternative Side Fix Top Stringers add $20.00 Per Pair
50x50x3 Support Post if required: Priced from $50.00 each
Alternative rise and going incurs an extra charge, Contact Us for Price and Lead Time
Landing to Landing and Side Fix Top Stringers generally made to order,
however some small quantities of these Stringers are In Stock, check when ordering.
Galvanised Coach Screws, Cup Head Nuts & Bolts, Anchor Bolts etc are available
to complete your project. PDF BOLTS pricelist here: Prices

All Prices Updated on 18th Sep 2018 & INCLUDE GST
Please Contact us for rates on multiple Stair Stringer orders
1 to 5
6 to 10
11 to 15
16 & 17
Brisbane Metro $70 $70 $70 $70 1-2 Days
Brisbane Outer $100 $100 $100 $100 1-2 Days
Qld Country $155 $195 $215 $275 5 Days
Adelaide $125 $155 $175 $235 5 Days
SA Country $155 $195 $215 $275 10 Days
Canberra ACT $125 $155 $175 $235 10 Days
Darwin $185 $285 $315 $375 10 Days
NT Country P.O.A P.O.A P.O.A P.O.A P.O.A
Hobart $125 $255 $275 $335 10 Days
TAS Country P.O.A P.O.A P.O.A P.O.A P.O.A
Melbourne $125 $155 $175 $235 5 Days
VIC Country $155 $195 $215 $275 7 Days
Perth $125 $235 $255 $315 10 Days
WA Country P.O.A P.O.A P.O.A P.O.A P.O.A
Sydney $125 $155 $175 $235 5 Days
NSW Country $155 $195 $215 $275 7 Days
Delivery rates are subject to confirmation
Lead Times are Approximate Working Days and do not include weekends
Aluminium and Timber Treads

Aluminium Treads
                         Timber Treads


To complement our Steel Stair Stringers a range of Aluminium and Timber Treads,
complete with End Caps and all the fixings needed for installation, are available.
Click the images above for relevant information, sizes and pricing.


The Inground (See Photo) foot style is the most popular form of Stair Stringer. After bolting the top hanger brackets into place, the base of the Stair Stringer is concreted into a suitable footing in the ground. The leg on the stringer is approximately 300mm long, giving ample anchorage into a concrete footing. Standard Inground Stringers are IN STOCK in either fully Hot Dip Galvanised and Duragal-Plus finish, for priority dispatch or collection from our Brisbane Depot. Engineers Detail and Installation Table for more information. Alternative Side Fix Top Stringers are also manufactured, see below for relevant information. Pricing Table above.


For OnConcrete / Bolt Down (See Photo) applications the legs of an inground style Stair Stringer are cut to the desired length, next a Bolt-On Stair Kit bracket is screwed to each leg. The Stair Stringer legs are then anchor bolted down into place. A Bolt-on Stair Kit consists of 2 galvanised angle brackets and tek screws for fixing to the legs. Onconcrete/Bolt Down Stringers cost $16.00 per pair more than a standard pair of Stair Stringers for the Bolt-On Stair Kit.
Onconcrete/Bolt Down Stringers are IN STOCK in either fully Hot Dip Galvanised and Duragal-Plus finish, for priority dispatch or collection from our Brisbane Depot. Engineers Detail and Installation Table for more information. Alternative Side Fix Top Stringers also manufactured, se below for relevant information. Pricing Table above.

A Landing to Landing (See Photo) setup is also available. This type of Stair Stringer is generally fabricated to order ASAP, allow 10 days for Hot Dip Galvanised Stringers. Some Landing to Landing Stringers are IN STOCK, please check when ordering. We recommend that this type of Stair Stringer be purchased prior to erecting the landing to ensure an exact fit. Landing to Landing Stringers cost $20.00 per pair more than a Standard pair of Steel Stair Stringers. Alternative Side Fix Top Stringers also manufactured see below. Pricing Table above.

Quality Steel Stair Stringers: Our Engineer Designed Steel Stair Stringers, up to 17 Steps (18 Risers), are manufactured to exacting standards, in our Brisbane Factory, from first grade Australian Made Steel. Standard Stringers are fabricated at an Angle of 35 degrees to a Rise of 175mm and a Going of 250mm.

Non-Standard Custom Stair Stringers, those with different Rise or Goings, are all able to be manufactured. Contact Us to receive a quotation on your specific requirements.

Scott Metals Standard Stringers, are Designed and Engineered for both Internal or External uses in Residential and Commercial applications. In Residential applications the Stringers can clear span up to 17 steps (18 Risers) when using Aluminium Step Treads or Timber Step Treads. This means NO support post under the Stringers is required, allowing more versatility in the installation and giving an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The Standard Stringers are constructed to suit minimum 50mm thick step treads in order to achieve a maximum gap of 125mm between the treads. We supply Aluminium Step Treads, and Timber Step Treads, all are compliant within the Australian Building industry.

What's Included: Stair Stringers, generally sold as a pair, but also available individually, come ready to install, complete with top hanger brackets, riser brackets and a choice of footing configurations: Inground, OnConcrete/Bolt Down or Landing to Landing. Pictures of all Stringer types are shown below.

Duragal-Plus: At Scott Metals we use Australian Made Steel 100 x 50 x 3.0mm Duragal-Plus RHS in the manufacture of our Stringers up to 15 Steps. This product is a pre-galvanised, inside and out, steel box section. The total coating thickness of Duragal-Plus pre-galvanised sections is twice that of any other product currently available. On Duragal-Plus Stringers all the welds and stair riser brackets are shop prime coated with zinc rich Cold Galvanised Paint after fabrication. For added protection, after purchase, a quality top coating is recommended.

Hot Dip Galvanised: Should you require extra protection from the elements, then we recommend using Hot Dip Galvanised Stair Stringers. Hot Dip Galvanising is a process where the stringer, after manufacture, is completely immersed in molten zinc. This thick metallic zinc coating, completely covers the stringer surface, inside and out, providing a superior corrosion resistant finish.

16 and 17 Step Stair Stringers are fabricated from 100 x 50 x 5.0mm RHS and are then Hot Dipped Galvanised to exacting Australian Standards. 16 step and 17 step stringers are only stocked in the Hot Dipped Galvanised finish. Because of the heavy duty RHS used in the manufacture of 16 and 17 step stringers, a central support post is NOT required for residential applications, when installed using Timber or Aluminium Treads.

For information, dimensions and drawings on the Riser Brackets, Hanger Plates, Bolt-On Stair Kits, How Many Steps you require, How Far Out will the Stringer base be from the landing and Australia Wide Delivery rates, click the links.

Design: Our Stair Stringers, used Internally or Externally, are designed for residential applications with a clear span up to 17 steps (18 Risers) when installed with Aluminium Step Treads or Timber Step Treads to a maximum of 1200mm tread width per pair. For wider tread spans a third central stringer or more must be used. If an alternative rise and going to our standard 175mm Rise and 250 Going, refer to and check the Engineers Details and Installation Table as a support posts maybe required. Otherwise, for a small increase in cost, the Stringers can be manufactured using a thicker RHS if a clear span is required.

Supporting posts or the fabrication using thicker RHS may also be required when the Stair Stringers are used in commercial applications. For these installations please check the Engineers Details and Installation Table.

After installation, if the Stair Stringers tend to vibrate, flex or spring, then we recommend the fitting of a centrally located post under each Stringer Rail.

Engineer Approved: Scott Metals Stair Stringers are Engineer Approved and Certified to comply with all relevant Australian Standard Building Codes. Form 15 available after purchase if required. Engineers Details and Installation Table.

Bushfire Resistant: Steel Stair Stringers when used in conjunction with Aluminium Step Treads are ideal for use in Bushfire prone areas. Reaction to 'Fire Tests and Burning Behavior' of Aluminium Step Treads was conducted by AWTA Product Testing. The tests resulted in findings of "Does Not Ignite". Making Aluminium Step Treads suitable for use in Bushfire prone areas. The installation of Steel Stair Stringers and Aluminium Step Treads significantly improves a homes resistance to Bushfire attack.

Note: To comply with the current Building Code of Australia, the Stringer “rise” MUST be consistent, including the first step and last step up to the landing. The ground level may need to be built up or excavated to achieve this.

Delivery: Steel Stair Stringers can be delivered Door to Door Australia wide.
See below for Delivery Rates and lead times for all your Stair Stringer Supplies in: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Regional & Country Areas or Collect from our Brisbane Depot.

Scott Metals your Steel Stair Stringer Suppliers, Australia Wide.

For Non-Standard Custom Stair Stringers, Contact Us to receive a quotation on your specific requirements. Steel Stair Stringers fabricated in our Brisbane factory from Quality Australian Made Products at competitive prices.

Manufactured to your requirements - ON TIME, EVERY TIME.

We supply Aluminium Treads and Timber Treads click links for prices and info.
Scott Metals Steel Stair Stringers - "A Step Ahead of the Rest"


The Riser Brackets used are pre-drilled, with 2 slotted holes 11 x 18mm @ 150mm centres, to match all popular Aluminium and Concrete Step Treads on the market. We recommend and supply Aluminium Stair Treads as they are non-slip and low in maintenance. We also stock and supply 250 x 55mm hardwood Timber Step Treads.

Step Tread Riser Brackets, raw black steel, are also sold separately, ($4.00 ea Inc GST), for those wanting to fabricate their own stringers. 65 x 10mm Galvanised Cup Head nuts and bolts are available ($1.20 ea Inc GST) for fixing timber treads to the Step Tread Riser Brackets.

The Top Hanger Brackets used are pre-drilled, with 2 @ 14mm holes @ 50mm centres. They are fabricated from 50 x 6mm Flat Bar. When welded to the Stringer RHS they protrude 180mm above the RHS. The Top Hanger Brackets, in raw black steel, can also be bought separately, ($6.00 ea Inc GST), for those wanting to manufacture their own stringers.

Alternative Side Fix Top Hanger Brackets are also available, see image below. ($6.00 ea Inc GST).


A Bolt-On Stair Kit ($16.00 ea Inc GST) is used with OnConcrete/Bolt Down Stair Stringers. The Bolt-On Stair Kit consists of 2 Galvanised Angle Brackets and Tek Screws for fixing to the bottom of the Stringer Legs. The Angle Brackets, 55 x 80 and 90mm long, are pre-drilled with 3 @ 6mm Holes for the Tek Screws and also
2 @ 14mm Holes for the Anchor Bolts.

Kit includes 2 Galvanised Brackets & 6 Tek Screws


How do you calculate the steps you need on your stringer?

Simply measure the height from the top of the landing to the ground directly below, divide this length by 175 rounding to the nearest whole number and deduct 1 for the top landing.

Example: Height = 2415 ÷ 175 = 13.8 (14) less 1 = 13 Steps (14 Risers)

See the Pricing Table above for further assistance.


How far out will the stringer be?

Simply multiply the number of steps by 250mm (this being the going of each step) and deduct 175. The result equals the distance from the landing to the centre of the hole required for concreting the stringers into the ground.

(No. of Steps x 250) - 175mm = Centre of Hole

Standard Inground Style Stringer, prices as above.

OnConcrete/Bolt Down: add $16.00 per pair to applicable Stringers price

Landing to Landing: add $20.00 per pair to applicable Stringers price.

Side Fix Top: add $20.00 per pair to applicable Stringers price.