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Recycling Services
Metal Recycling: Aluminium to Zinc
The following Scrap Metal Prices are
displayed as a general guide only and
may not apply at the time of recycling.
  • Copper (Clean): $3-$7 per kg
  • Copper (Mixed): $2-$5 per kg
  • Insulated Copper Wire: 75c-$2 P/kg
  • Clean Heavy Brass: $2-$3 per kg
  • Clean Light Brass: $1-$2 per kg
  • Aluminium: $0.25 - $1.00 per kg
  • Aluminium Cans: 75c per Kg
  • Radiators Copper: $1-$3 per kg
  • Radiators Aluminium: $1-$2 per Kg
  • Lead: $0.40 - $1 per kg
  • Stainless Steel: $0.50 - $1 per kg
  • Lead Acid Batteries: $1.50-$3.00ea
  • Steel and White Goods: $0.00
    (unless regular commercial quantity)
Please Contact Us for our current
up-to-date Scrap Metal Prices.
Common Metals We Recycle
 All Aluminium Articles
 Castings (Machine & Engines)
 Condenser Coils
 Door & Window Extrusions
 Drink Cans & Containers
 Foil Wrap & Food Containers
 Lithographic Printing Plates
 Mag & Alloy Wheels
 Pipe & Tubing
 Plate & Sheeting
 Pots, Pans & Household Goods
 Swarf & Borings
 Wire & Cable etc...
 All Brass Ware
 Bronze Bushes & Bearings
 Castings & Containers
 Faucets & Fittings
 Gunmetal & Manganese
 Pipe & Tubing
 Plate & Sheeting
 Radiators & Tanks
 Swarf & Borings
 Taps & Valves
 Water Meters etc...
 All Copper Products
 Armoured Cable
 Burnt Wiring
 Electrical & Data Cable
 Electric Motors
 Hot Water Systems
 Insulated Cable
 Pipe & Tubing
 Plate & Sheeting
 Radiators & Condenser Coils
 Stripped Wire etc...
 Computers & Monitors
 Electronics & Motherboards
 Power Boards & Switching Panels
 Printers & Photocopiers etc...
 Lead Acid Auto Batteries
 Pipe & Tubing
 Sheeting & Flashings
 Wheel Weights etc...
 All Stainless Items
 Bench & Counter Tops
 Cable & Wiring
 Pipe & Tubing
 Plate & Sheeting
 Sinks & Tanks
 Valves & Fittings
 Washroom Equipment etc...
 Any Iron & Steel
 Cars, Trucks & Auto Parts
 Clothes Lines & Baths
 Dishwashers & Drums
 Fridges & Freezes
 Roofing & Guttering
 Stairs & Handrails
 Washing Machines etc...
 All Non-Ferrous Metals
 All Ferrous Materials
 Air Conditioners
 Catalytic Convertors
 Magnesium Alloy
 Metal Dross
 Power Supplies & UPS Units
 Solder Drips & Sticks
 Tin & Wiping Metal
 White Metal & Bearing Metal
 Zinc Blocks & Sheet etc...
Bin Service
For commercial and larger private clients Scott Metals supplies a FREE Bin Service for both non-ferrous and ferrous scrap. There are two bin sizes to choose from: 1200 high x 1200 wide x 1200 long or 1200 high x 1200 wide x 2400 long.

With our Crane mounted trucks servicing the Brisbane area we can exchange your bin without the need of assistance from your staff or machinery. Our prompt and reliable service means that your bin is usually collected and exchanged the very next working day.

Our commitment to the scrap metal recycling industry gives us the ability to offer a professional scrap metal removal and bin collection service anywhere in the greater Brisbane metropolitan area.
24/7 Steel Recycling Centre
Dedicated to responsible scrap metal recycling practices, a 24 hour, 7 days a week scrap metal drop off facility for scrap steel, iron, whitegoods, auto parts and other metallic items is available.

This enables trade persons and private individuals to deposit scrap metal items for recycling purposes, any time, even outside normal business trading hours.

24/7 Steel Recycling Drop Off Centre: 25 Nile Street, Woolloongabba