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Drainage Grates
Prices Include GST, Updated 14/Jan/18
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Door to Door Delivery Australia Wide
Grates and Frames are Fully Hot Dip
Galvanised, providing a corrosion
resistant finish and extended life.
Class A Grate Type
Pedestrian Only - Ezi-Walk Grate
Code Size Price Ea
MTG10AG 997L x 168W x 35D $115.00
MTG15AG 997L x 219W x 35D $125.00
MTG22AG 997L x 296W x 35D $146.00
Class A Applicable Frame
Ezi-Walk Frame
Code Size Price/Mtr
MTG10AF 185W x 40D $84.00
MTG15AF 235W x 40D $87.00
MTG22AF 312W x 40D $87.00
Class B Grate Type
Light Vehicle traffic - Car
Code Size Price Ea
MTG10BG 995L x 149W x 20D $114.00
MTG15BG 995L x 209W x 25D $130.00
MTG22BG 995L x 284W x 25D $142.00
MTG30BG 995L x 379W x 32D $199.00
MTG45BG 995L x 549W x 45D $284.00
MTG60BG 995L x 709W x 50D $365.00
Class B Applicable Frame
Standard Grating Frame
Code Size Price/Mtr
MTG10BF 165W x 25D $74.00
MTG15BF 225W x 30D $79.00
MTG22BF 300W x 30D $79.00
MTG30BF 395W x 40D $102.00
MTG45BF 565W x 50D $117.00
MTG60BF 725W x 55D $133.00
Class C Grate Type
Medium Vehicle traffic - Truck
Code Size Price Ea
MTG22CG 995L x 314W x 40D $196.00
MTG30CG 995L x 399W x 45D $236.00
MTG45CG 995L x 543W x 65D $376.00
MTG60CG 995L x 693W x 65D $433.00
Class C Applicable Frame
Standard Grating Frame
Code Size Price/Mtr
MTG22CF 330W x 45D $110.00
MTG30CF 415W x 50D $112.00
MTG45CF 565W x 75D $175.00
MTG60CF 715W x 75D $175.00
Class D Grate Type
Heavy Road traffic - Semi Trailer
Code Size Price Ea
MTG15DG 995L x 239W x 40D $179.00
MTG22DG 995L x 324W x 45D $216.00
MTG30DG 995L x 393W x 65D $300.00
MTG45DG 995L x 559W x 75D $495.00
MTG60DG 995L x 709W x 75D $579.00
Class D Applicable Frame
Standard Grating Frame
Code Size Price/Mtr
MTG15DF 255W x 45D $109.00
MTG22DF 340W x 50D $114.00
MTG30DF 415W x 75D $169.00
MTG45DF 575W x 80D $169.00
MTG60DF 725W x 80D $169.00